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Totara Kumete - Two Headed



This kumete (food bowl), intricately carved in tōtara, speaks to the importance of connections - building them and nurturing them. The two heads in wheku form support this symbolism - the joining of two (or more) bodies, groups, iwi, organisations.

A piece of this value obviously will find its purpose in remembrance of a significant joining occasion - a wedding or 50th anniversary, the amalgamation of two businesses or organisations, or a potential-filled and vital collaboration.

Likewise the surface-patterning supports the connection symbolism. A combination of pungawerewere and pākati, this piece would be appropriate for any regions of Aotearoa coming together. Those patterns speak to a binding together, to the continuation of whakapapa (along newly formed lines), and about how those connections will nurture and support the people.

57cm x 17cm x 12cm 2kg

SKU: 10000 TAGS: Carving, Wood, Totara, Michael Machitt

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